It is a compact kitchen with an intelligent cooking system that helps people cook well and efficiently.





Jul 2017 - Sep 2017

UX Designer at GE Appliances

Led research and ideation, responsible for wireframes, UI, and prototype;

Presented on Albert Lee exhibition


Cooking is fun, but it can also be intimidating for beginners and time consuming for everyone. One way to make meal preparation easier and faster is to automatically guide you step-by-step through instructions that ensure all of your food will be ready at the same time.


This intelligent cooking system monitors your pace and adjusts the instructions accordingly. In the end, we want you to spend less time preparing food and more time enjoying it!


It seems like people are getting much busier than ever nowadays. Less time enjoying life and accompanying family has been a problem for almost everyone, especially the youth. 

Living such a busy lifestyle, many people still express their passion in cooking. Cooking, which is fun and provides people a chance to enjoy time with their family, is time consuming though. For those novices, cooking sometimes can even be a disaster...


Technology Support


  • Voice control+AI

  • Gesture control

  • AR/VR

  • Smart appliances

  • New display technique

  • Depth perception

  • Proximity sensor

Social Trends


  • Food delivery

  • Explore new things

  • Social media

  • Share lifestyle/experience

  • Compact kitchen

  • ...



About 49% U.S. Customers are willing to pay for new products & technologies, and appreciate beautiful design.

(2018 GE Appliances customer report)

User Interviews


In general, most of those who were interviewed are interested in cooking, and would like to explore new recipes. Some want to cook by themselves everyday to save money. However, their common concerns can be concluded as:

  • have little time to cook while preparation and cooking are time consuming

  • have little experience, hard to cook well

  • don’t have a decent kitchen to cook

So, it’s feasible to create
a compact intelligent kitchen that helps cook well and efficiently.




-Lack of skills and experience

-Curious/willing to learn & ask

-Social, like sharing

Pain points


-Lack of cooking experience

-Hard to understand/follow the recipe

-Be afraid of fume/oil/heat; easy to be frustrated

-Easy to lost interest in cooking


We used Lego to walkthrough the scenarios and did the affinity diagram to brainstorm. And we came up some ideas on compact kitchen and intelligent cooking system.


Idea 1: A compact kitchen


It’s an all-in-one concept. Induction cooktop, oven, cutting board, trash can, and sink are all included. It saves a lot of space as well as help users save time.

Idea 2: Gesture control induction cooktop


It shows instructions on the back wall and can be controlled by gesture.

Idea 3: Smart cutting board


It’s also a scale and display, which allows users to weigh ingredients easily and read instructions directly on it. 


Cooking with Intelligence


1. Search recipes & Order ingredients online

2. Step-by-step guide & Smart cooking

3. Share recipes to community


Here shows the user interfaces projecting on the wall.

Standby screen


Unlock and log in when users get close to the cooktop

Tech: proximity sensor, face recognition

Community recipes

View recipes from friends, neighbors, etc.

Interact with the cooking system by gesture control.

Tech: Gesture control

View a recipe

View details and order ingredients the user doesn’t have.

Tech: Wi-Fi connect (to fridge)

Order ingredients

A meal kit with those ingredients will be delivered to the user’s place.

Step-by-step guide

The system shows instructions for each step, and sets optimal cooking time and temperature automatically.

Share recipe video

There is a camera under the hood and recording the process when cooking. A cooking video is automatically created by system that can be shared to the community.

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